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New ACDC Album
Huge ACDC News:


ACDC officially announces the new album name and release date.

The new ACDC album is named "Black Ice" and will be released October 20th 2008! As rumored Black Ice will only be sold through Wal-Mart. Pre order it now by clicking the find button on the Wal-Mart search image to the left.

he first single has made it's debut on August 28th 2008. It's titled  "Rock ín Roll Train" and you can listen to it right NOW just scroll down and click on the YouTube video!

Now you can listen to all the songs on Black Ice by clicking on the song title in the Black Ice track listing section on the lower left .

The track listing for the ACDC "Black Ice" Album:

"Black Ice"  Track Listing:

1. Rock ín Roll Train
2. Skies On Fire
3. Big Jack
4. Anything Goes
5. War Machine
6. Smash N Grab
7. Spoiliní For A Fight
8. Wheels
9. Decibel
10. Stormy May Day
11. She Likes Rock N Roll
12. Money Made
13. Rock N Roll Dream
14. Rocking All The Way
15. Black Ice

Yes ACDC has recorded a NEW ALBUM! The recording's began early March 2008.

This is great news to ACDC fans, it's been 8 years since ACDC recorded their last album, Stiff Upper Lip.

This new ACDC album will be produced by
Brendan O'Brien who has been producing for Bruce Springsteen.

More rumors that the tour will be a "farewell tour" have also been afoot. It's not difficult to speculate such an idea after the bands 8 year "break". The proof will be in the pudding.

I think we can expect another bluesy sounding album more akin to Stiff Upper Lip. That wouldn't bother me personally as I thought it was an excellent piece of work.

You know full well Angus and Malcolm have been writing some killer guitar riffs and licks over the years while the band has been taking time off. It's just what guitar players do.

Judging by the relatively short time it took to record the album I get the idea the Young brothers have been getting prepared for the recording long before they went into the studio. I think we can expect some premium guitar work on this new ACDC album.

It's kind of funny that the new ACDC album is being somewhat down played by the media and ACDC promoters. I'm hoping it's because they don't want to create a bunch of hype. Maybe the music itself will be what it takes to promote this one like their last big seller, Razors Edge.

We ACDC fans are here biting our nails in nervous anticipation of the up and coming new ACDC album. One things for sure, You Can't Stop Rock N Roll.


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