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ACDC TIckets

If you want ACDC tickets you got it!

14 New Dates have been added to the list!

NEW ACDC Tickets go on sale October 4th, 10th,11th and 18th.

Tickets to the first leg of the ACDC tour are still available at TicketMaster for some shows. If TicketMaster doesn't have any tickets then the show is sold but you can still get ACDC Tickets through TicketsNow and

For short periods of time ACDC tickets will be available around the world to fans waiting to see the best Rock N Roll band in the world.

Check out the interesting
ACDC Tickets YouTube video below. It's a real cool ACDC TNT audio bootleg with a video of the ACDC Tickets I just got in the mail from TicketMaster.


This is the best way to get your concert tickets now days, no crowds and you don't have to use fuel.

This bootleg has a pretty nice sound with Bon Scott tearing it up.

It's kind of funny seeing the new ACDC Tickets with Bon singing "The man is back in town". You can see I'm geeked about getting my own ACDC tickets.

If you want to get ACDC tickets you have to keep yourself up to date with the latest news. Nobody knows exactly where lightening is going to strike next but predictions have been made that tickets to ACDC concerts in the UK will be available shortly.

Fans have been asking when ACDC is coming to their town. Many ACDC fans want to buy tickets and I don't blame them. I purchased ACDC tickets to the Detroit show as soon as the tickets became available. The best ACDC tickets sold very fast.

TicketsNow and are both ticket resellers so these tickets will be more expensive than tickets from TicketMaster.

One cool thing about
TicketsNow and is that you can usually get ACDC tickets for better seats and even reserve them before a concert.

To check out which ACDC tickets are still available click the link below.

Purchase AC/DC Black Ice Tour Tickets

Now you can also sign up to the FREE ACDC Tour Dates Mailing List to keep up to date on all ACDC Ticket information and other important ACDC news.
There will be many more ACDC Dates coming soon. The best seats always go first. Sign up the the FREE ACDC Tour Dates Mailing List so you can get ACDC tickets to the next ACDC concerts.

Sign up right now to get ACDC ticket information sent directly to you, so you are the first in your town to know when it's time to buy ACDC Tickets as soon as they are available.

All you have to do is fill out this form and you will be one of the most informed ACDC fans about ACDC Tickets on the planet.

ACDC Tickets


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