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The ACDC Biography is very interesting and mysterious compared to most bands. Many versions of the same stories and incidents have been told and re-told losing accuracy as time went on.

ACDC's Biography is not the only thing you will find here though. We hold a complete collection of ACDC lyrics. You can search through them by visiting our ACDC Discography page. Our Discography section has all the ACDC albums listed by date with reviews on each album. Each album page has a list of the songs and if you click on the song title the link takes you to that songs lyric page.

You will find our band member biography section to be quite informative. We laid it out so it's nice and easy to see all the different ACDC band line ups through the years.

You should find our ACDC Biography website interesting if you are an ACDC fan.

ACDC Biography

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If You Want ACDC Biography You Got It

Yeah man we have it all from individual band member biography to band biography on to lyric's and what's happening today. This site is here because ACDC rocks, their biography is very interesting and I'm a big time fan.

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Deering The Goodtime 2 Banjo 

ACDC has officially announced their Black Ice World Tour! To view a list of the first leg tour dates visit our ACDC Tickets page.

Huge ACDC News:


ACDC officially announces the new album name and release date.

The album is named Black Ice and will be released October 20th 2008! As rumored Black Ice will only be sold through Wal-Mart. Pre order it now by clicking the find button on the Wal-Mart search image to the left.

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